Improve Your Garden With Landscape Gardeners In Kent

city_and_guilds_no_level_2It seems totally natural that if you live in the ‘Garden of England’ you would see beautifully landscaped gardens, big and small, belonging to the many rural and suburban home owners who choose to live in Kent in the UK, many of whom have hired landscape gardeners and companies to design and build something beautiful for them that they can feel proud of.

Why It’s A Great Idea To Landscape Your Garden

Landscape Gardeners In Kent

Your garden the way you want it

You may have been using your garden the same way for many years, it’s use for practical tasks, vegetable gardening, entertaining and so on have taken their toll and is time for it to get a contemporary facelift or a change of use. To expand on the entertaining area or something else.

Whatever the reason, landscaping your garden will bring new life and new purpose to it, and give you something to look at and be proud of.

…landscaping your garden will bring new life and new purpose to it

In Kent, known as the ‘garden of England’ we have something of a micro-climate. We often receive the effects of weather from the continent and as such, certain vegetation grows better than in other parts of the country. Most summers, we enjoy long summer evenings, (no, it doesn’t always happen, but most of the time summers are very good.)

All of this means that you can have more variety in your newly landscaped grounds and enjoy the fruits of it.

There is also the matter of investment; the money and time you invest into your garden will not only benefit you, but if you one day decide to sell and move on, your house and grounds will have more value in the eyes of prospective buyers.

How You Can Find The Best Landscapers For Your Garden

Kent landscape services can be found in the usual suspects of newspapers, local magazines and the other forms of offline advertising, normally distributed in the smaller villages and larger towns where reputable landscaping services in Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and others advertise.

You’ll generally only get to see what’s detailed and shown in the adverts, so a wise move is the modern way of searching online, the old faithful Google is your friend for this task.

When you are visiting the various websites there are certain things to look out for:

…good testimonials from previous or current clients…is always a good sign

You’ll want to see pictures of previous work, either full projects or constituent parts of a project.

Look out for testimonials – good testimonials from previous or current clients who have willingly given  some of their precious time to give a glowing report on how well the landscape services served them, is always a good sign.

There are other things to look for, but the more information you have about your potential landscaping service, the better.

What Can Landscape Gardeners Do For You?

So what exactly can landscape contractors/garden designers in Kent do for you? If we start at the beginning of a typical project, a client will inevitably have a garden that is either functional already and needs a makeover or is basically a ‘blank slate’ ready to be modelled into something amazing.

…now is the time to specify to the landscaper what you want and need

Your chosen landscape gardener will firstly do an inventory check of the type of vegetation that is already on site, the soil type, climate conditions and the drainage situation.

The next important item they will need to know is what you the client needs and wants in the garden. Points such as what certain parts of the garden will be used for, for example a play area for kids, an area for entertaining during those long, lovely summer evenings, (yes; we do normally get a good number of those in Kent!).

You may also wish to have an area where you can grow your own vegetables and other crops. The point is that now is the time to specify to the landscaper what you want and need.

Your landscape services will next create diagrams showing how the garden will function and work together, these are relatively rough outlines.

The next step will be more detailed concept plans to show how various aspects fit together and finally, a final main plan drawing showing everything put together.

After that, providing you are happy with the plans, the contractor can then start working on making the plans a reality.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Landscaping Your Garden?

The time of year will depend greatly on the work you will have done and what you specify. Naturally, during the winter and autumn months, the ground is normally a lot softer than at other times of the year, so digging and planting of certain plants is better done at this time; your landscaper will know when it’s best to complete certain tasks, as they know how the seasons affect landscaping in Kent and the South East generally.

How Much Will I Expect To Pay For My Landscaping Project?

The cost to landscape your garden will depend on many different factors and many different variables and this is something that your contractor will work out to the best of their knowledge, taking into account some possible delays when weather may intervene and other issues.

The best thing to do is set as strict a budget as possible with some leeway for unforeseen events. This is also an important piece of information that your landscaper will need from you.

How Long Will It Take To Landscape My Garden?

how_longAgain, much like the issue of cost, the time it takes to fully landscape your garden will depend on the weather and the size of the project.

When a landscape gardener sets out estimates, they will lay out a timeline for each item on the task list and obviously work out a total which they will inform you of.

The time it takes to complete the building of the project will naturally be determined by a certain state of completion, when all land is shaped, turfed and plants planted and the like. After that, certain plants, depending on your specifications will need tending and maintaining (as well as some form of weed prevention) – there is a saying that a garden is never actually complete, there is normally more to do over time.

If you’re contemplating the exciting prospect of landscaping your garden and grounds for something that will repay you many times over, you will receive great results from our service as landscape gardeners in Kent.

As a company we operate in many towns and villages in Kent and the Weald such as:

  • Medway
  • Canterbury
  • Maidstone
  • Ashford
  • Gillingham
  • Tunbridge Wells
  • Bearstead
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  • Biddenden
  • Boughton Monchelsea
  • Chart Sutton
  • Coxheath
  • Cranbrook
  • East And West Farleigh
  • Frittenden
  • Goudhurst
  • Harrietsham
  • Headcorn
  • High Halden
  • Kingswood
  • Langley
  • Leeds
  • Loose
  • Marden
  • Sissinghurst
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